California guard becomes Instagram hit, calls for ‘no bullying’ after Vidcon incident

A California guard has become a social media star after a video that showed him staying calm whereas being berated with insults on Thursday went viral.

The incident happened at VidCon, an annual convention for YouTube fans and content creators, which occurred at the Anaheim Convention Center from June 21-24, 2017. Within the video, 1st uploaded to YouTube on June 22 and later posted to Twitter by VidCon attendant John Hill with subtitles, Joseph Hernandez, a guard, is seen in his yellow and black uniform standing guard at a door following a physical altercation between some attendees and security.

In the video, Hernandez and his colleague Sergio Castillo ask the group to stand back just as a young man identified later as Christian Burns begins asking Hernandez, “What is wrong with you people?”

Burns, who has been brought up as an “Instagram model,” continued, “I’m famous, and you’re not, so you listen”.

Hernandez responded, “That doesn’t make you any better than me.”
Burns’ confrontation continues for an additional minute as he insults Hernandez, shouting, “You’re blue collar as f*ck,” and “You ought to kill yourself.”

NBC News has reached out to Hernandez concerning the incident.
On Saturday, travel vlogger Louis Cole found Hernandez at the convention center and apologized to Hernandez on behalf of the YouTube community.

Cole also tweeted a video of him with Hernandez and asked his 877K+ Twitter followers to assist spread the word to get Hernandez’ Instagram account 100K followers — a response to Burns’ comments that he was a lot famous than Hernandez.

“Let’s show Joe however we respond as a community to the abuse he had to deal with,” Cole tweeted.

As of Monday afternoon, Hernandez currently has over 66K followers on Instagram, together with his posts receiving thousands of likes and comments from individuals thanking him for staying calm despite the harassment.

Burns’ original Instagram account has since been deleted.
VidCon is presently in its eighth year in California, and attracts thousands of creators and fans from around the world for the four-day convention. Since last year’s fatal shooting of singer Christina Grimmie, who got her begin on YouTube, VidCon workers has been outspoken concerning increasing security for the annual event.

In a video posted to YouTube, Hernandez and Castillo said they were simply doing their job and that they’ve endured harassment before.
“This wasn’t the primary time I’ve been yelled at by somebody who thinks they’re better than me because of their cash,” Hernandez said.

On Sunday, Hernandez and Burns spoke for the primary time by phone throughout an interview with Keemstar, who hosts “DramaAlert” on YouTube, where Burns apologized for the incident.

“I’m extremely sorry. i was literally in a very bad place at that point. I was stressed out. I took this out all on you. I lashed out. I was a little bit intoxicated throughout that whole thing so I’m not saying that’s an excuse however I kind of wished to clear things up,”

Burns said, adding it wasn’t meant to be directed toward Hernandez.

“You kind of did direct it toward me,” Hernandez responded. “Ultimately, at the end of the day, you’re a human being too. You made mistakes.

And although it sounds crazy that I’m being so forgiving, that’s the sort of attitude i would like to come off because I’m a forgiving person.”

Both Hernandez and Castillo have posted on Instagram and Twitter since VidCon ended and inspired individuals to treat each other with respect.

“Remember: no bullying, be positive, treat everybody alike. We’re all equals here,” Hernandez said in an Instagram video on Saturday.

“No bullying,” Castillo echoed. “That’s not something that’s cool.”

According to Hernandez’s Instagram Stories, he and Castillo were up early following day after VidCon ended for another day on the job.

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