Facebook to tackle posts with deceptive health claims.

Facebook INC said on Tuesday it had been taking steps to scale back promotion of merchandise based on deceptive health-related claims.
In a blog post, the social media company said it had created 2 updates last month to cut back posts with exaggerated or “sensational” health claims.

Facebook said it’ll take actions to cut back posts creating assertions about a “miracle cure,” and against the ones aimed to push merchandise or services on health-related claims, like a pill for weight loss.

The company and its peers around the world are below growing pressure to rid their platforms of “fake news” and misinformation, and the spread of deceptive health claims were highlighted as a concern in some recent media reports.

The Wall Street Journal had earlier reported that Facebook and YouTube were crammed with “harmful information” concerning health treatments.
“We understand that people don’t like posts that are sensational or spammy, and deceptive health content is especially dangerous for our community,” Facebook product manager Travis Yeh said.

The update won’t have a significant impact on users’ news feed, Facebook said.

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